Monday, July 14, 2008

my house cleaning challenge

OK, house work is not one of my favorite things to do,
however, it must be done or you will see me on the
news with 100 cats and garbage up to my ears.
So, I forge ahead and and I just do it!
Here's my challenge for myself. Every day I clean and
reorganize a drawer, cabinet or closet. It could be one
nightstand or kitchen drawer, a bathroom closet, or some
awful chore, like cleaning the grout in the shower
(today's job, completed). This may take a year or so to
comeplete since I do this along with the laundry,
cooking, shopping and all the regular stuff I do, but
at least it doesn't overwhelm me. I guess I am NOT
a desperate housewife, but a domestic goddess as
Roseanne used to say!


krisi said...

domestic godess .. i love it

leah said...

:D Yep. That's me, too! Your bathroom's too cute - I don't know about the HUGE lizard over my shoulder while I'm taking a pee though! LOL

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