Wednesday, July 23, 2008

before & after

We have a "spare" room in the house that had
become a storage room. Instead of being embarrased,
I decided to share! Please do not judge...LOL

After many months of procrastinating, my
daughters, Gina & Maria, (used to be their room)
came over to help me sort through all this clutter.
Dominic was the strong box mover and he hauled
many items to my car to be taken to Goodwill, as
well as lots of garbage, and a portion going to the
Historical Society Gift Shop in Plantation.
This was like therapy and also physically
exhausting...but worth it. It took us two days
with just a few more things to finish today.
We made a trip to Goodwill in the afternoon yesterday
and the rest will go today! FREEDOM!

arg...what was I thinking saving all this stuff?

so nice!

a bunch of junk!

I am taking the fake headboard out today

a mountain of stuff!

peace & I can buy some pretty
bed quilts and pillows...hey, I may move in here!


leah said...

Yay! Um. Please. That is not THAT bad! Glad you were able to get it done!! :)

krisi said...

hey it might even become my room

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