Friday, August 29, 2008

american idol concert

outside the bank atlantic center

the winner, david cook

my boyfriend, david archeletta...LOL
oh, I hope I spelled his name right!

cute hairdo girl

I think this is the one from our area.
I'm so informed! LOL

It was a great concert and the seats were
amazing...upstairs, box seats in a private
area with a bathroom...gotta love it.
I had a terrific view...thanks bob.

night at the hard rock

before we left for hard rock, I had 47 singles,
and a $10 coupon...

I came home with a $75 win, .04 cent ticket and
about $8 left over from the singles...
and we had a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

back to school

Our traditional "first day of school"
photo...Dominic reluctantly posed
for this on his way to Broward College,
which is now a four year school. So,
he'll be close to home while being educated.
Later that day his comment on school..
"college is hard". I guess after a long
hot summer, it's difficult to get back
into the swing of things.
Hang in there kid!

here comes the bride...

Gina made cupcakes instead
because the storm delayed the
delivery of the cake to Publix.

archway (pillars) with the flowers
that Maria set up. It was so beautiful!

before the big event

Joey (Roberts brother) Robert, Maria & Gina

The happy couple: Mr. & Mrs. Yount

The cheese stands alone! LOL

leaving for their honeymoon in Orlando

the grooms family : The Marino's & Yount's:
Sandy, Joey, Tony & Stacy
with Maria & Robert

"you may now kiss the bride"

the brides parents: Camille (me) & Rico Petrocelli

Sisters: Angela, Carla, Maria, Gina & Lisa
Not pictured: their brother, Dominic (1st day
of college) he came later with the food!

It was a beautiful day. The change of plans due
to the weather didn't bother us at all. We set
everything up in the house and it was perfect!
Almost everyone wore black and/or white and
looked great. The tables were decorated with
flowers & candles and music played in the background.
We all had a good time eating, drinking champagne
and wishing the newlyweds our best.
They followed the storm up to Orlando where
they will honeymoon and hopefully get a few
days of sunshine.
Congratulations to Maria & Robert!

...and they lived happily ever after!

Monday, August 18, 2008

wedding still on!

Maria's bouquet
Well it looks like we are getting a storm.
Dominic's first day of college, cancelled.
The wedding plans are still on, a little damp,
and somewhat hindered, but on. The few
things left to do, can be done inside, but
the shopping for last minute things,
may be tough. Well, at least Maria & Robert
will have a great story to tell their kids!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

our 32nd anniversary

Rico found these nightstands
at Baer's Furniture and surprised
me for our anniversary on August 15.
He knew I would love them...he was right.
Below is how they look in our room.
Bad photo...looks like I'm leaning
or something.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A couple of week ago, by accident, I found something very interesting...right above, at the top of the screen...look up!
Above the header is the blogger symbol, then a space to search,then SEARCH BLOG, then FLAG BLOG, after that is NEXT BLOG. I clicked on that and it took me to a blog I had never seen before. I clicked again, and again, etc... I went all over the world in every language and so many different types of blogs, it was amazing! When I have time, I just click away and go on a world wide traveling adventure. Some of you may have known this, but if you were like me, it was quite a surprise. Just wanted to share the fun!
Please let me know what you think!

wedding in a week

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, my daughter
Maria & her fiance, Robert are getting married.
It's a mid-week, daytime occasion because it
is their special date. It will be a quaint affair
with just the immediate family, short & sweet.
We are just about ready. I will post the pictures
after. Above is the gazebo where they will take
their vows (weather permitting), then back to
my house for a (brunch) reception.
The party favors for the guest, vanilla candles
covered with vellum. raffia, flowers & rhinestones.
I just like this picture... it has nothing
to do with the wedding.

Monday, August 11, 2008

pyramid boxes

Opened up, they are about 12" x 12" and make
great boxes for gift cards, large jewelry pieces,
and so much more. Many people use them as
party favors. I've had orders for
weddings, birthdays, baby/wedding showers etc...
The holiday prints will be available soon.
They look amazing on the party table.

I make them by hand (not a die-cut)
and line them so they are very sturdy.

These boxes are one of my
specialty items. I have been making
them for over 12 years.
These (above) are the x-tra large size and
also come in small, medium, & large.
The small & medium look great on the
Christmas tree as an ornament (with a
secret gift inside)!

I worked on these
at the crop last night and now
I just need to assemble with
ribbon and make a matching tag.

I hope to sell these on "etsy" along
with jewelry, flower pens and a few
other handmade items.

if you cannot leave a comment here, please e-mail me @

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"The Paper Niche" employee crop

pre-food & drink!
Later came the Sangria,
which I had a few glasses of!
Tammy cooked the best stuff for us! Yummy!
Taco's, chicken, and all the fixins'.
Rhonda brought the Margarita's. Oh yeah!

before the crop...

then there were 9 of us.
Tammy, Rhonda, Krista, Charlene,
Melissa, Joanie, Bonita, Leah and me (Camille)

the best Sangria (I think that how it's
spelled)...who cares, it was great!

all the busy bees, plus we had a little celebration
for Melissa (due next month)

Krista worked all night on this album. Notice
four drinks in front of her...hummmmmmm?
No wonder she looks so happy!

We all relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and even
managed to get some projects finished. I made about
a dozen pyramid boxes (I'll take a picture tomorrow).

We missed Laurie, Kelley, Cary and Barbie...maybe next time.
Thanks Tammy & Rhonda.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


this was on the pump before we pulled up and
I thought how crazy that looks! I only spend
around $40, so to see this was shocking!

another surprise party

Betty & her daughter's...they really surprised her!
Hats, feathers, necklaces, and boa's are available
for everyone to wear and buy, if you'd like.

champagne & tea...we put sugar in both...
went down real easy! whoa!

birthday girl

a very happy Betty (crying & laughing)

this time it was Betty's, at a tea room in Davie
called "British Marketplace/Let's have tea",
very quaint and lots of fun!
They served champagne, tea, little
sandwiches, fruit cups and cookies,
all in a room decorated with tea pots,
vintage tea cups, British stuff and unique
finds. A great time was had by all.
Betty was very happy and surly surprised.
The place smelled great and we found out it
was Pomegranate sachets. I bought two of them!
Now my car & house smell wonderful.
This would be a good place to have a little party,
baby/bridal shower or just meet for tea.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

healing waters and peaceful paradise

our favorite table

back door wreath

make shift bird bath (fake bird)

real bird bath

thanks for the umbrella, rebeca

outside view of bathroom window

the "womb"

Now, more than ever, my pool & back yard is
my oasis.
On September 10, 2008,
I am having knee replacement surgery.
The pool is the only place I can move freely
with minimal pain, to prepare for this.
Today, I was in & out all day, swimming, running,
stretching and floating.
Ahh...pure heaven.
I folded the laundry outside,
filled the birdbaths up with clean water, and took these
pictures of my oasis!

my new bag

For a few months now I have been searching , , along with
a few stores and some patterns to sew my own,
for a hobo, slouch, subway type purse/tote bag.
I found this last week at Wal-Mart and it will do
just fine. The only thing it's missing are pockets on the
inside for all my stuff. It has gussets and opens up so
wide that I think I can carry a baby in there!

I love the colors and fabrics in this
patchwork (browns, cranberry, taupe, etc.)

It reminds me of some scrapbook paper I've seen.
It comes in other colors along with solids...
great deal for $13.

Friday, August 1, 2008

some of my favorite places to go

Webby's is now right behind Publix on
Cypress & 69th Ave in Plantation.
Great home style food, cooked to order in a
friendly atmosphere.
Pub side opening soon..."where everybody
knows your name". The best neighborhood
place in town. Look for the daily specials.

Webby & Rico

split pea soup...homemade

grilled pork chops with terryaki...yum

Stamp Shack...(formerly Stamping Wild).
Lynn has opened in Ft. Lauderdale to continue
doing what she loves.


Princess Salon
5227 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation, Fl. 33317
Anca & Andra
mani, pedi, facials, waxing, etc.
clean place, nice people


of course the Paper Niche!


I'll list a few more places as I think of them!

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