Sunday, August 10, 2008

"The Paper Niche" employee crop

pre-food & drink!
Later came the Sangria,
which I had a few glasses of!
Tammy cooked the best stuff for us! Yummy!
Taco's, chicken, and all the fixins'.
Rhonda brought the Margarita's. Oh yeah!

before the crop...

then there were 9 of us.
Tammy, Rhonda, Krista, Charlene,
Melissa, Joanie, Bonita, Leah and me (Camille)

the best Sangria (I think that how it's
spelled)...who cares, it was great!

all the busy bees, plus we had a little celebration
for Melissa (due next month)

Krista worked all night on this album. Notice
four drinks in front of her...hummmmmmm?
No wonder she looks so happy!

We all relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and even
managed to get some projects finished. I made about
a dozen pyramid boxes (I'll take a picture tomorrow).

We missed Laurie, Kelley, Cary and Barbie...maybe next time.
Thanks Tammy & Rhonda.


Charlene said...

Lol, the red plastic cup is mines, it's my margarita...the crop was great!!! I really enjoyed myself...and i loved meeting everyone, especially u camille :)

leah said...

Great photos, Camille! I had a great time, too! :D

krisi said...

4 drinks later = headache in the am plus oversleeping and arriving late to work!

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