Tuesday, February 17, 2009

F.O.P. and Sun-Sentinel endorses RICO!

This is such a great boost for
our campaign! The Plantation
Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 42,
has endorsed Rico as the guy they
feel is most qualified for the job.
And the Sun-Sentinel editorial board
has endorsed him also, saying they
feel he is the strongest candidate for the job.
Yeah again!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

my baby came home...ok, it's my camera!!!

Just arrived by UPS today, my beautiful pink camera,
the case and the batteries, sent by a little angel named
Donna from Lady Lake, FL., just like she told me on
the phone. There are still honest caring people in the
world and she will be blessed for being one of them!
And thanks to my daughter Gina for loaning me her
camera while I waied for mine! And of course, our
dear Lord for hearing all our prayers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

something new...

OK...so here's a new (to me) place to sell handmade / vintage / supplies.
I signed up with ARTFIRE yesterday as a supplement to ETSY.
I am looking at this like a real job...making things,
selling my excess supplies and any vintage pieces I have.
I have to give it 100% for it to work and take it seriously.
I am at my work table daily, either creating or gathering.
There are a few other communities out there to do this, but I've
researched these two and I'm giving them a whirl...we'll see.
Please visit both sites and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

update on the camera story

I finally spoke to my "new best friend" Donna,
who lives near Ocala, Fl., and she is sending my
camera UPS today. I was overwhelmed with joy.
The funny thing is, her daughter helped her look thru
the pictures and found a photo of "Green Dwellers"
grand opening flyer with her phone number on it,
called her and described some of my pics, and Mylene,
the owner put it all together that it was me...
and here we are! Thank God I take pictures of everything!
Thank you Donna and all the prayers (St. Anthony)
that were sent out for its safe return.
I know it is just an object, but it is very personal to me.
Oh happy day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my faith has been restored!!!

We received a phone call, ( message ) from a woman who found my camera!!!
I don't have the whole story ( or the camera yet ), but she said she has it
and we will meet up and I will get it back...oh happy happy joy joy!
I will take a picture of her and post it as soon as I get it. Please disregard any-
thing I said in a prior post! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

boo hoo hoo :(

I am a girl without a camera...
it was "stolen" from the Hard Rock casino
yesterday. Yes, it's my fault for leaving it at
one of the machines while I glazed over hitting
the buttons and winning. I went to sit next to
my sister-in-law and completely forgot to pick it
up and take it along. By the time I realized, maybe
15 minutes later...it was gone. I checked
lost & found/security,
and no one turned it in...they "stole" it.
I had every picture I've ever taken on there since my
kids gave it to me for Mother's Day last year and I really
loved it. It was pink and in a cute black case with palm trees
on it. I also had extra batteries in there and some of the
"re-elect Rico" pens & emery boards.
I hope when the thief looks through the pics and sees all of my
children & grandchildren, they have a heart and return it.
I guess I'm very optimistic and hopeful.
So...if you happen to anyone taking pictures with a pink camera, call me!

Monday, February 2, 2009

my "new" "temporary" work space

Once again, I have spent days organizing my
bead "collection". However, this is the first
time I have labeled and color coded everything.
(My daughter Angela gave me the label maker
last year...thanks big "A").
This will help me to get my ETSY sale items ready,
put grab bags together, and make jewelry in a
relaxed way. Now, if I could only do this to the
other room in my house that has scrapbook &
rubber stamp supplies, I'd have it made.
"One day at a time"

work table and bead boxes

bead boxes and rolling carts

beading supplies like crimps, spacers
jump rings, ear wires... I love it!

beads, beads and more beads!

view from my table... I put the fish net up on
the window for some reason and I think I may
take it down.

I'm very proud of myself for doing this.
My body aches, but it was worth it.
I would sit down and make something, but I
don't want to mess it up!

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