Thursday, February 5, 2009

boo hoo hoo :(

I am a girl without a camera...
it was "stolen" from the Hard Rock casino
yesterday. Yes, it's my fault for leaving it at
one of the machines while I glazed over hitting
the buttons and winning. I went to sit next to
my sister-in-law and completely forgot to pick it
up and take it along. By the time I realized, maybe
15 minutes was gone. I checked
lost & found/security,
and no one turned it in...they "stole" it.
I had every picture I've ever taken on there since my
kids gave it to me for Mother's Day last year and I really
loved it. It was pink and in a cute black case with palm trees
on it. I also had extra batteries in there and some of the
"re-elect Rico" pens & emery boards.
I hope when the thief looks through the pics and sees all of my
children & grandchildren, they have a heart and return it.
I guess I'm very optimistic and hopeful.
So...if you happen to anyone taking pictures with a pink camera, call me!


ThetCarAudioGuru said...

Sure will be on the lookout for that camera I do jobs to and from the Hard Rock providing Seminole Hard Rock Limos .I dislike thieves so much, hopefully they do look through the pictures and return it.

camille said...

My camera was returned to me...check out my blog!
Thanks for looking out!

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