Sunday, April 26, 2009

health update 4/26/09

not good...ended up at the hospital this morning,
trying a stronger antibiotic, also ear drops with
antibiotics in them. The infection has taken over my
entire head, ears, sinus, throat...not sure what it is,
but hopefully this will do the trick...please Lord!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

hooray for hollywood...beach!

We stayed at our very generous friend's beach condo for a few days
this past week (Sunday). Woke up at 3:00 a.m. on our first night
with an earache and a fever...went to the doctor (Monday)
in Plantation around 10:00 (ear infection, etc...)
to the pharmacy to start the antibiotics, back to the beach
for one more night and had to come home to recuperate on Tuesday,
but it got worse, in to the throat, chest, other's taking over!
After two days, doc change me to a z-pack, still not getting better
after four days, fever, chills, cough, stuffy...finally today (Saturday)
a little better. Hopefully by Monday when I finish the z-pack, I'll feel
One good thing, we will return to the beach, to finish our "vacation"
at another time. In spite of it all, we still enjoyed just sitting and looking
out the window or on the balcony watching and listening...

...this is the day we left...rainy, but calm.
I took this thru the kitchen window

see the storm coming

gloomy, but pretty

rest and relaxation!

so pretty and warm, the water is an aqua color

Saturday, April 18, 2009

fun in florida

Rico has been blessed with a new job, starting
on April 27th, so we are enjoying a little local
R & R.

the bridge on the intracoastal waterway

make up your own title!


beautiful (Flanigan's backyard)

frolicking freely in the water

giovanni enjoying his ice pop

coconut palms (Ft. Lauderdale Beach)

giant "Killer" manta ray swimming way too close to us!
Maria & I were 1o feet away when we saw it and
we have never moved so fast getting out of the water!
He swam up and down the coast and frightening many
people...the say they are "harmless"...didn't
stay to find out! Double click to get a close-up!


Flanigan's horse

We have one more week to enjoy some
free I'm sure more pictures will follow!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

family pics

fun with the family

fun in the garden

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