Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a trip through flamingo road nursery...paradise!

We took a stroll through the nursery on flamingo
road and couldn't believe how massive this place was!
It just went on & on with plants everywhere &
every type imaginable. Also a screen enclosure with
butterflies and all the plants they love. The smells
were heavenly and the!
It is the kind of place you could spend an afternoon
taking in the sites & smells, eat & drink something
and then sit on one of the benches and just relax.
We saw lizards, birds, butterflies
in every color, waterfalls & fountains and so
much more. We picked up a couple new plants
for our butterfly garden and I took about 50 are a few. Check this place out when
you get a chance. It's FREE to hang
have to pay for the plants & garden items if you
want to take them home!

Lately I have been focused on gardening and
photography...noticed??? Love it!
Now if I could only turn my attention to jewelry making
and other crafts to sell on my websites...hmmmm :)


JuliW said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for your comment on my photo at I really enjoyed capturing that photo. I thought it most appropriate to show my daughter's small and delicate hands holding the feeder to feed such a delicate and wonderous bird. We actually had many opportunities to feed the Hummingbirds from our hands. Several times the Hummers would perch upon our fingers to drink. It was a truly magical experience.

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